Edge AdBlock : Special for Microsoft Edge Browser / Windows 10

Adguard AdBlocker is the easiest way to block ads in the Microsoft Edge browser. Adguard is a standalone program that effectively blocks all types of advertising on all web pages, even on Facebook, Youtube, and others. Download Now

Adblock for Microsoft Edge Edge AdBlock is a small, simple, standalone ad blocker program that allows you to block ads and banners in the Microsoft Edge browser. You don't need any extension or addon to block advertisements. With Edge AdBlock installed you will surf the web faster and safer.

Download Edge AdBlock (28.9MB)

It's free and Open Source.

Edge AdBlock does not contain any unwanted software. It is certified malware free from all major antivirus software. Edge is a registered trademark of Microsoft. Edge AdBlock site is not affiliated with and has no connection to Microsoft in any way.

Detection ratio: 0 / 56 (completely free of viruses)

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